Monthly Event – Monday, August 28th – History, Dichotomies, Fossils!

Monday, August 28th

Location:  Gateway Christian Church

1951 Des Peres Road, 63131

Main Event: 7:00pm  Bill Barnes   

Doing Due Diligence With Your Historical Account and the Beauty of True Dichotomies 

Being that the history that we choose to believe true might have an enormous impact on the position of our eternal souls, don’t we owe it our due diligence in closely scrutinizing the details of the historical sketch that we subscribe to, and the assumptions contained therein?  True and false dichotomies will be examined, and how they might be able to assist us in coming to the most rational conclusions possible. Included in this presentation will be the topics:

– History; Authentic vs Contrived
– The Bible; Primary Source vs Dismissed Source
– Chronology; Sacred vs Profane
– Generations;  Virtuous vs Wicked and Adulterous
– Pathways;  Broad vs Narrow
– Dating Methods; Reliable vs Unreliable

These topics will be covered as well as many dichotomies that are a delight to discover and share.  A fossil table will be available to examine remarkable remnants of times past, and there will be free ones to take home as well!

About our speaker:

Bill Barnes has worked as a Material Scientist for 15 years in the defense and aerospace industries developing and producing various Aluminum and Magnesium alloys that are cast, rolled, or extruded. Upon further examination of the believed theory of evolution, Bill was led to question all that he was taught on the subject and compare it with the Biblical model of Creation. After 6 months of investigation, Bill was totally won over to the Creation side of the origins debate. Bill has been in the Creation ministry since 1997 and believes that this subject is foundational for fighting for objective truths in our culture.

“but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence”
1 Pet 3:15