MAC to Host Traveling Dinosaur Museum – October 14 – 25….UPDATED 9/1.

MAC is excited to have this opportunity to bring this incredible museum to town.

Semisaurus is a mobile creation museum that gives people answers to important questions:  How old is the earth?  What happened to the dinosaurs?  What caused the ice age?

The realistic displays provide facts and evidence that take the creation-evolution debate head-on.

The museum has four main display areas that provide historical context, fossils, artifacts and interactive cut-screen technologies.  Visitors can participate in a self-guided audio tour, see a replica of Noah’s ark and take in the sights, sounds and smells of ‘the swamp room.’  It’s professional, highly technical and engaging for nearly every age group.

While viewing times may change, locations are now set:

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Des Peres, MO

  • Sun Oct 14, 9:30am–1pm:           St. Paul’s Congregants & Guests
  •                       1-8pm:                       Open to the Public
  • Mon Oct 15, 9am–3pm:               St. Paul’s K-8 Students
    3-5pm:                      Open to the Public


Zion Lutheran Church, Harvester, MO

  • Tues Oct 16, 10am–3pm:            Zion K-8 Students
  •                        3-6pm:                     Open to the Public
  • Wed Oct 17, 9am–3pm:              Zion K-8 Students
    3-5pm:                     Open to the Public


New Community Church, Wildwood, MO

  • Thurs Oct 18, 10am–4pm:          Open to the Public
    4-8pm:                     NCC Congregants & Guests
  • Fri Oct 19, 10am-5pm:                Open to the Public

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Bridgeton, MO

  • Sat Oct 20, 10am–8pm:             Beautiful Savior Congregants & Guests
  • Sun Oct 21, 9am-1pm:                Open to the Public
    •            1-5pm:                      Open to the Public


First Baptist Church, O’Fallon MO

  • Mon Oct 22, 9am–2pm:              First Baptist Academy Students
    2-4pm:                     Open to the Public


Trinity Lutheran Church, Columbia, MO

  • Tues Oct 23, 10am–8pm:            Details TBD
  • Wed Oct 24, 9am–8pm:              Details TBD
  • Thurs Oct 25, 9am–5pm:            Details TBD