Creation Truth Conference – CAN’T MISS EVENT – March 1st & 2nd

Sign up now for this major creation event brought to St. Louis by MAC and Creation Summit.  If you are interested in evidence for creation by God and refuting the theory of evolution, you will want to make this event a priority.

The conference will be held in the Werner Auditorium on the campus of Concordia Seminary in Clayton, MO. Student admission (any age) is $2.00, admission for the general public is $20.00 when pre-registering and $30.00 the day of the event (if available).

Featured speakers include:

Carl Kerby, founder of the apologetics ministry, Reasons for Hope and former Board Member at Answers In Genesis.

Dr. Robert Carter, a PhD Marine Biologist and speaker for Creation Ministries whose current focus is analyzing and determining the implications of DNA data gleaned from genome mapping databases.

Dr. Steve Austin, a PhD in geology who has done research on six continents and whose work includes extensive research at the Grand Canyon and Mt. St. Helens.

Both Dr. Carter & Dr. Austin were featured in the Documentary Film Is Genesis History? which will be shown to open the conference on Friday night, March 1. Both Dr. Carter and Dr. Austin will participate in a Q & A session after the screening.

The conference itself will begin at 9:00AM on Saturday, March 2. For complete information and to register, please use this link: