Monthly Event – Monday, July 15th – 99% Missing: Where on Earth did the (Geological) Time Go?

Monday, July 15 7:00pm

New Location:  Covenant Presbyterian Church   Directions

2143 N Ballas Road; Saint Louis, MO 63131

99% Missing : Where on Earth did the (Geological) Time Go?

Paul Garner, UK Geoscientist

Biblical creationists face what we might call a ‘plausibility problem’. Is it credible to suggest that the earth might be only six thousand years old, rather than 4.6 billion years old, or that the rock layers studied by geologists were laid down in a short time during a global flood?

This talk will address the plausibility problem with evidence from the sedimentary rock record that is best explained by the young-age model.

All welcome, no reservation needed

About Paul Garner

Paul Garner MSc, FGS is a full-time Researcher and Lecturer for Biblical Creation Trust.  He has an MSc in Geoscience from University College London, where he specialized in palaeobiology.  He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London and a member of several other scientific societies.  His first book, The New Creationism: Building Scientific Theories on a Biblical Foundation, was published by Evangelical Press in 2009.


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