Monthly Event – Monday, August 12th: Earth, Our Privileged Planet

Planet Earth (via NASA)

Monday, August 12th, 7:00PM

Location:  St. Paul’s Des Peres Lutheran Church   Directions

12345 Manchester (enter parking lot from Ballas)

Presentation by Dennis Genovese:  Earth, Our Privileged Planet

About the Speaker: 

Dennis Genovese is the owner of HBS, Inc., a company specializing in security & fire safety systems.  He was saved in 1990 after losing his businesses, house & everything he had. Through the Grace of God he became a new creation and his life totally changed. His interest is to teach others the truth of the Bible and salvation in Jesus Christ.

Denny became interested in creation when studying scripture.  He began receiving Creation Magazine in 2009 and also began purchasing videos in order to learn how everything on and in the earth work together like a living organism.

He has been a speaker for MAC since 2016 and has a deep desire to teach both adults and children about the creation of earth and the beautiful, mind-boggling symmetry necessary for sustaining life.  Evolution of the earth is a non-starter, everything had to be there at the beginning.

In his presentations he uses the truth of the Bible, short videos, amazing facts, common sense and logic to help people realize how the earth, time & life were created.

About the Presentation: 

The Earth is a fine-tuned machine that only God could have created for us.

In this presentation, Denny will be explaining the amazing way it all works together to sustain life.  The sun, Earth’s location in our galaxy, the moon, gravity, water, earth’s atmosphere, the wind, tectonic plates, plants, animals, insects and soil are all dependent on each other, or life is not possible.

Denny will also discuss time and the four biogeochemical cycles (water, nitrogen, carbon & phosphorus).

Everything He does reveals his glory and majesty.  His righteousness never fails…  Psalm 111:3 NLT