(Feb 5th postponed) Creation Lecture Series at Ridgecrest Baptist

Feb 5th postponed, see below for reschedule date

Creation Lecture Series
at Ridgecrest Baptist Church   map

1731 Zumbehl Rd., St. Charles, MO 63303
Wednesdays, 6:00pm
No cost, all are welcome

Biblical Foundation Series (Jan-Feb)

Come learn about the true history of the world, how we got to this point and discover the solution.  This 6 -week series is a set of one-hour lectures followed by Q&A.  It will be geared toward adults and youth 12 and up, but young kids are welcome and should also enjoy it and benefit.


Each presentation is a stand-alone topic, however they are grouped together to give you a comprehensive understanding of the broader subject, if you can attend several or all of them.  The schedule is as follows:

  • January 8:   Creation vs. Evolution: Does It Really Matter? – Scott Jarus
  • January 15: One Blood: The Truth About Race – Marv Schaefer
  • January 22:  In Six Days? – Gary Winkler
  • January 29:  Hey, There Are Dinosaurs in My Bible – Bill Barnes
  • February 12:   Why is There Death and Suffering in the World? – Scott Jarus
  • February 19:  Earth: Our Privileged Planet – Denny Genovese

Please join us in 2020 to learn more about our Creator’s wisdom, power, and His love for us.

Note:  Feb 5th postponed due to inclement weather, see above for current reschedule dates