2020 Monthly Event Lecture Series Schedule

2020 Monthly Event Lecture Series
at The Rock Church   map

15101 Manchester Rd., Ballwin, MO 63011
2nd Monday each month, 7:00pm
No cost, all are welcome

Series One (Jan-May):  Biblical History – from the Beginning

Come learn about the true history of the world, how we got to this point and discover the solution.  This 5-week series is a set of one-hour lectures followed by Q&A.  It will be geared toward adults and youth 12 and up, but young kids are welcome and should also enjoy it and benefit.


Each presentation is a stand-alone topic, however they are grouped together to give you a comprehensive understanding of the broader subject, if you can attend several or all of them.  The schedule is as follows:

  • January 13:   Why is There Death & Suffering in the World?          Scott Jarus
  • February 10: One Blood: The Truth About Race                                Marv Schaefer
  • March 9:        Fossils & the Flood                                                           Zak Klein
  • April 13:         Hey, There Are Dinosaurs In My Bible                        Steve Grimes
  • May 11:          Languages & the Dispersion at the Tower of Babel – Bill Barnes

Please join us in 2020 to learn more about our Creator’s wisdom, power, and His love for us