CMI webinars (coronavirus)

Creation Ministries Int’l (CMI)’s

2020 Webinar lecture series

Thursdays, 7:00pm CST
(every other Thursday, see info and schedule)
Live broadcasts, with opportunity to ask questions live!
(No cost)

Youtube overview

MAC has some very exciting creation news to share.  Creation Ministries International (CMI) is hosting on-line webinars through the summer, presented every 2 weeks.  A total of 14 different sessions/topics.

From CMI:  “In these difficult times, when our families are at home, CMI is not sitting back waiting for this to pass. We are stepping up our efforts to provide you Bible-affirming resources that you can use, right now!  Since we are unable to visit churches, we have worked diligently to produce some great Webinars that will have a live Q&A chat session with two CMI speakers and you can get a response in real time!  Each webinar will cover foundational topics on the origins issue.  And afterwards, the webinar will still be able to be watched on their Media Page, however the chat feature for questions will be disabled. You will also be able to click the links in the video for the resource recommendations even after they are permanently on our Media Page.”