Creation Conference – Society of Creation

Your friends at MAC are pleased to promote this upcoming conference:

The Society of Creation’s 2020 Conference is online 

Fri June 5th  or  Sat June 6th
Join for live broadcast Fri, or same (recorded) on Sat
(see info and schedule)
Registration required.
Free!  ($10 donation suggested)

Your friends at MAC encourage you to sign up and learn from these knowledgeable and effective speakers:

Current daily schedule:
9:00-9:15        Welcome
9:15-10:15      Russell Humphreys, “The First Four Days”
10:25-11:25    Gary Locklair, “Positive Creation Evidences”
11:35-12:35    Russell Humphreys, “God’s Big Magnets in the Sky”
1:30-2:30        Spike Psarris, “The Origin of the Solar System”
2:40-3:40        Joel Heck, “An Exegetical Approach to Creation”
3:50-4:50        Spike Psarris, “Our Goldilocks Cosmos”