• MAC shall not be affiliated with any specific religious denomination or institution and shall be a completely autonomous not-for-profit corporation.
  • Because of the continuing accumulation of scientific data supporting a creation model and/or contradicting the evolution model, MAC shall maintain that creation is at least as scientific and no more religious than is evolution.  It shall be further maintained that evaluation of known scientific facts in the light of a creation model is more scientific and more plausible than any such evolutionary evaluation.
  • In the furtherance of its purpose, MAC shall stress the scientific more than but not in place of the religious aspects of the evolution-creation controversy.
  • In accord with the creation model, MAC shall support a belief in a literal supernatural creation by God and a world-wide flood as recorded by Moses and attested to by Christ.
  • Because of widespread misuse of the terms “creation” and “evolution”, the following definitions shall be employed:
    • CREATION (Special Theory of) is the postulate that a few thousand years ago the universe, the solar system, the earth and all basic plant and animal types were brought into existence by special creative processes that are not operative today.  The biological variation that has occurred since the original creation has been restricted within the limits of each created kind.
    • EVOLUTION (General Theory of) is the postulate that the universe, the solar system, the earth and all forms of life have come into existence through slow, naturalistic, spontaneous processes. All living things are said to have arisen from a single source which itself arose from inorganic matter.