Scott Jarus

Scott Jarus has been a MAC Speaker since 2009 and is the director of the MAC Zoo Tours. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla and is currently employed as a senior application engineer for a company that designs material handling systems. He is a homeschool Dad and has attended New Community Church in Wildwood for 18 years, serving in various capacities.

Scott was saved in 1998, being convinced by the Spirit through the conversion of his wife and the truth of the Bible. God used Creation apologetics to open his eyes and teach his heart. He continued to study God’s Word, the creation/evolution debate, and also attended a “Creation College” hosted by Answers In Genesis. He has been teaching regarding God’s creation since 2001 at his church and at other MAC events. He has a passion for others to understand the importance of Genesis to the Christian faith and to trust that God’s Word is true from the very first verse.

Scott’s Presentations:


Darwin’s two famous books are “On the Origin of Species” and “The Descent of Man.” His writings taught that man had evolved from an ape-like ancestor and that the species “Homo Sapiens” was still being evolved. Darwin also thought that the various types of people in existence were simply at different stages of evolution and this influenced many, even those in the church, to have racist attitudes. This presentation will examine what God has to say about man, where he came from, where did all these differences in people come from, and what science really says about “the races”.



Unsaved people will frequently ask Christians how an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God could ever allow mankind to endure the death and suffering we see on a daily basis. Natural disasters that take thousands of lives or the death of young children are often trigger points for such thoughts. Indeed how do we reconcile these things?

When Christians try and merge Genesis with an old age for the earth, how does that change their view of death and suffering? How does this then impact the character of God? In this presentation, we’ll compare two views of death – the view of evolution and the view of God’s Word. Does the death and suffering we experience here mean that the good, powerful, loving God doesn’t exist? This presentation will prepare you with an answer to give for the hope that lives within you.



Discover how present local catastrophic flooding events help explain the global catastrophic nature of Noah’s flood and its after effects. This presentation will show how evidence is intrepreted and which paradigm, the Biblical Flood or Uniformitarianism best explains sedimentary rocks, fossils that we find today.

Gary Winkler

Gary is an engineer with 30 years experience and has received multiple patents. After being confronted in 2004 with evidence that human evolution stories were dubious, he began researching all the lines of “evidence for evolution”. His resulting conclusion is that science thoroughly supports the Biblical model and it soundly rejects the evolutionary model. He now works to share this information with others, to help them defend their faith, and to know that the Bible is true from beginning to end.

Gary’s Presentations:

IN SIX DAYS?  This presentation examines whether the primary scientific evidences often used to support evolution actually fit the creation or evolution model best. It also examines exactly what the Bible says about the creation of the world, in order to determine whether old earth theories match the Biblical account. You may want to bring your Bibles to follow along!



A display of many examples of scientists and engineers copying designs from God’s creation, in the field known as Biomimetics (Biomimicry). Also includes reviews of what the Bible says on the subject, the Intelligent Design movement in science, and Natural Theology.



Charles Darwin’s book of the same title was published in 1871. Today, secular authorities and textbooks declare that modern man is a result of a long progression from ape to brutish men to our present form. This presentation inspects various ape-man claims, then looks at what the evidence shows about mankind’s progression over the millennia.



Originally created for a group of teachers, this presentation reviews how evolutionary philosophy has undermined the Bible, the church, society, students, and science. It provides a Biblical (and more accurate than school textbooks depict) background on dinosaurs, geology and the Flood, human history, and much more. Learn how to equip kids against attacks from evolutionists and to defend God’s Word.


Marv Schaefer

Marv graduated St. Louis University in 1973 with a Bachelors degree in Marketing. He currently serves as President of the the Missouri Association for Creation.

His interest in the Creation/Evolution debate was kindled in 2004 when his 5th grade daughter was laughed at by her classmates and dismissed by her teacher for not believing that the earth is billions of years old. Since that time Marv has become a diligent student of Biblical Creation and the inherent flaws of the theory of evolution. It is his desire to pass that knowledge on to others.

Marv uses both absurdity and humor to press important points in his presentations. They are entertaining and thought-provoking for young adults as well as long-time believers.

Marv’s Presentations:


Bible critics often scoff at the Word of God as “unscientific”. Is this true? Does the Bible touch on science? If and when it does, is it accurate? This presentation examines some specific charges made by the scientific community to see if they hold water. We will also look at some scientific facts that were written about in the Bible several thousand years before secular science got around to discovering them. Finally, we will examine Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 to see if they contain conflicting creation accounts as some assert. Answers and ammunition will be provided for those who joyfully defend their faith in the face of an unbelieving world.



Some Christians are reluctant to engage in the Creation/Evolution debate because they are intimidated by the “guys in the white lab coats”. This presentation is designed to help those in attendance understand that we are in a battle of Worldviews with secular scientists and that their philosophical belief in the theory of evolution does not allow them to stray from the naturalist position to even explore the possibility of Design…resulting in some illogical reasoning that can at times be ridiculous.



Evolutionists bow at the altar of Naturalism and will not allow any reasoning that is not naturalistic to enter the debate. Is this rational? Are evolutionists truly seeking the truth and willing to go where the evidence leads them or will they stop at the door that leads them away from naturalistic conclusions? This presentation will inform those in attendance of 10 of the best arguments against the theory of evolution including four laws of nature that would have to be broken for evolution to be true. Other topics that will be addressed include the Scientific Method, the fossil record, evidence for design and the accuracy of Scripture.



Scripture tells us that God created everything through His Son, Jesus Christ (John 1:3; Colossians 1:16; Hebrews 1:2).  This presentation pays homage to His creativity and love that is revealed to us both in scripture and in the world around us.

Bill Barnes

Bill Barnes has worked as a Material Scientist for 15 years in the defense and aerospace industries developing and producing various Aluminum and Magnesium alloys that are cast, rolled, or extruded. Upon further examination of the believed theory of evolution, Bill was led to question all that he was taught on the subject and compare it with the Biblical model of Creation. After 6 months of investigation, Bill was totally won over to the Creation side of the origins debate. Bill has been in the Creation ministry since 1997 and believes that this subject is foundational for fighting for objective truths in our culture.

Bill’s Presentations:


This presentation will include many scientific facts not typically included in a secular education that point to awesome design. It will touch as well on many other interesting areas including word origins and definitions, dinosaurs, fossil giants, carbon-dating and the unscientific nature of the theory of evolution. Cultural implications include a discussion of the historical demise of evolutionary indoctrinated cultures and a comparison of the plan and purpose of each human life.



Since Public Schools teach science with an evolutionary worldview, they tend to leave out things that don’t fit that paradigm including many human and animal facts and behaviors that point to an awesome Creator. This presentation will look at some of them and will explore some behavioral mysteries in the animal kingdom as well.

Steve Grimes

Steve Grimes has a B.S. degree from Washington University in St. Louis in Systems and Data Processing. He was also an adjunct faculty member for the Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science for 25 years, teaching Computer Systems Architecture in the undergraduate Bachelor of Science program. He currently works as a Business Intelligence developer, capping an Information Technology career that spans multiple computer environments and languages.

Steve currently lives in St. Charles County with his wife Ann, and is a frequent Bible Study leader at his local church – Zion Lutheran in Harvester, Missouri.

As a father of four grown children, he is sensitive to the implications of the Creation/Evolution debate for today’s youth. He believes it is a foundational issue for the church and that the handiwork of God’s creation leaves men without excuse.

Steve’s Presentations:


This presentation will look at some of the arguments put forth for evolution by the National Academy of Sciences and others, and show the various logical fallacies they commit. Special attention will be given to the argument for molecules-to-man evolution based on homology or similarities between creatures.

We’ll also look at some tactics used by evolutionists, including:

  • Choosing evidence that supports their arguments while suppressing evidence that doesn’t.
  • Obfuscating by using misleading detail and terminology
  • Telling “Just So” stories as though they should pass as “Science”

Paul Weiland


Paul Weiland, being raised in a Christian home, was taught that God created the world in 6 days.  As he heard about Darwin’s idea of evolution, he thought maybe God used evolution to create.  He entered college with that mind-set.  It didn’t take long though in the science courses he was taking to discover that Darwinian Evolution, although cloaked with scientific terminology, was not really science.

Paul’s Presentations:

What’s with DNA Anyway?

Paul gives an overview of the structure and some of functions of DNA, and explains what a mutation actually does to DNA.  Then he takes a close look at some mutations that have been claimed to be “evolution in action”.


The Wild Wild (Catastrophic) West

Paul will take us to sites he has visited in the western states, and show the incredible geological formations that show clear evidence of a global flood and other catastrophic events.

Zachary Klein


Zachary Klein is a former homeschool student, software developer, and father of three (and counting). He has long had a deep interest in Earth sciences and geology in particular, and has volunteered at and led field trips at Mt St Helens in Washington state. He serves on the board of MAC, and enjoys introducing people to the grandeur of God’s creation and the reliability of Scripture.

Zachary’s Presentations:

Fossils & The Flood

Fossils – preserved remains of animals and plants – are found in rocks all over the Earth.  According to evolutionary thinking, the fossil record document rise of ever more advanced forms of life, over millions of years.  But a very different story about the history of life on Earth is found in Scripture.  The Biblical account of a recent, “very good” creation, followed by worldwide flood explains many features of the fossil record, and gives a consistent answer to the question of the origins of life, death, and our place in the universe.  This presentation will examine several lines of evidence in the fossil record and their potential explanation in light of Noah’s Flood.