Creation Truth Conference

Creation Truth Conference


Pre-Registration Is Now Closed

There are still seats available – please arrive at 8AM on Saturday morning for walk-in registration.

$30 – Adult

$2 – Students, Youth, Concordia Staff

$10 – Lunch (while available – limited quantity)


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Friday March 01:

Is Genesis History?

  • 7:00pm  – special screening of Is Genesis History?
    • Followed by Q&A with two scientists featured in the movie.



Saturday March 02:

  • 8:00am – Doors Open for registration. Free coffee and water available.
  • 9:00am – Carl Kerby – “Something from Nothing?”
  • 10:00am – Dr. Robert Carter – “Human Genetics vs Darwinism”
  • 11:15am – Breakout Sessions – 3 to choose from
  • 12:15pm – Lunch / Resource table open
  • 1:15pm – Dr. Steve Austin – “Grand Canyon and the Flood of Noah”
  • 2:15pm – Breakout Sessions – 3 to choose from
  • 3:30pm – Panel Discussion and Group Q&A
  • 4:30pm – close of conference

See this link  for detailed schedule of speakers and topics.

See this link for current list of breakout sessions to choose from.


Carl KerbyCarl Kerby has a passion to proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible. In his past, Carl was an air- traffic controller at O’Hare International Airport and then a Founding Board member and speaker for Answers in Genesis. He served at AiG for more than 15 years before co-founding the apologetics ministry, Reasons for Hope (rforh). Today Carl is a popular speaker, both in the U.S. and abroad. He is dynamic and has a way of connecting and engaging with people who come from all ages and all walks of life.


Dr Rob Carter

Dr. Robert Carter holds a PhD Marine Biology from the University of Miami. He helped design and build an aquaculture facility for Caribbean corals at UM’s Experimental Fish Hatchery. He has performed over 500 research dives on shallow coral reefs in the Caribbean. Since 2006 his main interest has become analysis of DNA data through the ever-growing genome mapping databases and their implications. He is the author of 6 technical articles in secular journals as well as dozens in Creation based journals. In 2017 he appeared in the documentary “Is Genesis History?”. He is currently a senior scientist and speaker for Creation Ministries International.


Dr Steve AustinDr. Steve Austin is a field research geologist with a Ph.D. from Penn State University in sedimentary geology. He was also featured in the film; “Is Genesis History?”. Steve has performed geologic research on six of the seven continents of the world, including going inside the Mt. St. Helens volcano and spending the equivalent of more than a year below the rim of the Grand Canyon. He is the author of three books, three videos, and more than thirty technical geology papers including one in the secular International Geology Review (1999). Dr. Austin is currently an adjunct professor of Geology at Cedarville University in Ohio and a lecturer for Logos Research Associates. He continues to do research in the area of the Dead Sea.